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        Q: What is the function of a gearbox?
A: Any gear box weather it 's standards or automated reducing or increased - ( overdrive ) the mechanical added benefit of the engine towards the rear or front wheels in a whole series of gear step . If the transmission has an overdrive transmission this meant that the pinion gear inside the final driving ( rear end ) is turning sless than the crankshaft .   Let 's say you have a standards 5 or 6 speeding transmission with over driving . For the sake of an easy explication first gear is also possible 3.0 -1 2nd gear is also possible 2.5 -1 third gear is also possible 2.0 -1 4th gear is also possible 1.5 -1 fifth gear is also possible 1.0 -1 over driven 6th gear is also possible . nine .   Lets was speaking these mathematics number and what they mean . We 'll be mentioned firstly gear for a minute . 3.0 -1 means the crankshaft of the motor turns 3 complete revolutions forevery one rthe developments in the smaller pinion gear of the ring and pinion . Same holds genuine for all the remaining gears .   Newer modern-day automobiles have as numerous as six or 7 forwards gears to allow the engine to function at peak efficacy for fuel economy aims no matter what the ground ( forwards ) speeding is .   If this situation is somewhat confusing think for a minute about a bike with a whole series of huge sprockets on the front petal and smaller tooth gear sprockets on the big rear wheel . You use the lowest gear when you first start or petal up a steep hill . You use higher gears ( sprockets ) when flying along on smooth flat sidewalk or down hill if you have sufficient nerve . 

Q: Need help with gear ratios?
A: If you mean bike was later the sprocket and chain is far too weak to resist this type of services . Moreover , building such a vehicle and riding maybe it is very , very dangerous for you and those around you . Such a transformation 's illicit and no insurance would cover any damage . You were not able use such a vehicle on any public road .  Assuming that the chainsaw sprocket has fifteen teeth and rotates at 6000 rpm , the bike wheel diameter of 20-six '' and the wishesd speeding of 15 km/h ( nine mph ) :  Wheel circumference : C = 26*.0254*pi = 2.075m  fifteen km/h = 15/60 = 0.25 km/min = 250 m/min  Required wheel revs : 250/2.075 = 120 rpm  Required general ratio : 6000/120 = 50  This pretty rationing were not able to attain the using only one decrease phase ( 1 pair of gears ) , you need 2 in the next one agreement :  chainsaw motor ( 1st sprocket , fifteen ) - 1st gear ( 105 ) , - 2nd sprocket , 17 ) - 2nd gear ( 86 ) .  NOTE : 1st gear and 2nd sprocket are on the same shaft and rotate together ; no . of teeth within square brackets ) . 

Q: What does it mean to get it in gear?
A: Several the definitions contained in this homograph : . A round , notched machine part that meshes with others.. An idiomatic name for equipment , instrument , sports attire and accessories.. To align , synchronise ( verb ) . ( Related ) The stage of locomotion of a vehicle . ( firstly gear , 2nd gear , etc. ) . `` Gear up '' An idiomatic command to get your equipment , garment , etc . and be ready for action.. Others , anybody