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Browse newspaper bag making machines for the right one to fit your space. Some offerings span as long as 27 feet (8.5m) or can be found as short as 15 feet (4.85m). Whatever space is available in your factory, we can help you find an automatic paper bag making machine that will blend with your space. You will be able to make bags with or without windows, choose gift bags with handles or use recycled material to create the designs you want. Find a computerized paper bag making machine that will allow you to personalize products for your clients.

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Replace your paper hand bag making machine to get production going or make bags for your small business with the machines you find at Alibaba.com. We offer bag making machines that are useful with a variety of materials, including polyethelene plastic and plain paper. If you want simple designs or complex, colorful patterns, you will find the right paper bag making machine for the job.