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Ph meters are instruments used to measure the activity of hydrogen ions in certain solutions. A Ph tester measures how acidic a liquid is. Acidity testers are common in the food and pharmaceutical industries to ensure safety and quality. These tools can also determine and monitor potential chemical reactions between two products. Ph measurements can do a lot from optimizing the taste and texture of certain foods and beverages to cleaning wastewater in an effort to protect the environment.

What is a Soil Ph Tester?

Testing the acidity of soil is just as important as Ph measurements in any other substances. That’s because a variety of foods are grown in soil. If acidity levels are too high or too low, it could lead to contamination and illness. A Ph probe lets you take a small soil sample which you can then use a soil Ph meter to test and determine the acidity levels. The correct Ph measurements are crucial for growing plants, including fruits and vegetables. Ph pens are another popular tool that makes it easy and convenient to obtain a soil sample.

How Does a Ph Meter for Water Work?

A Ph water tester works slightly different than a soil tester. A Ph meter for water uses voltage or electrical potential that’s produced by the sample itself. It then compares the sample’s energy levels to the buffer which exists inside a Ph probe. This potential difference indicates how high the Ph levels are in the water sample.

What Industries Use Ph Meters?

Both soil Ph testers and Ph water testers are an important tool for environmentalists in the fields of agriculture, aquaculture, and water treatment. Ph probes are also common in the food industry where companies need to ensure the safety of their products. Food items need a certain acidic level to prevent the growth of dangerous foodborne pathogens. Ph testers and indicators are also used to check the Ph levels in shampoos and other cosmetic products.