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Agriculture can be a profitable industry. It is no doubt that potato is one of the main crops and high consuming food. Growing potatoes can be more efficient by using a potato planter which means increasing the yield as well.

What is a potato planter?

Potato planter equipment is an agricultural tool for sowing seed potatoes. It is also called a potato sowing machine, potato grow planter, and potato seed planter. It can be a sweet potato planter as well. It is a multifunctional planter that can ditch and fertilize and finish the whole process of sowing, ridging forming, planting, and plastic mulching. Sowing and fertilizing can be completed at the same time too! A potato planter machine can be powered by a diesel and gasoline engine, and a tractor. It can be used in mountains, plain land, and greenhouses. Many potato planter tools can also adjust the depth and spacing according to different landscapes and cultivation requirements.

What types of potato planters are there?

There are three types of potato planters, automatic planters, high-speed automatic planters, and semi-automotive planters. Automotive planters have a hopper for each row and cups with a chain drive mechanism. A feed roller is connected to a tray that contains spare potatoes to make sure the cup will not be empty. The fertilizer and pesticide can be put at the same time during sowing. A high-speed automotive planter has two wheels and each has eight arms. Semi automotive planter has a hopper, metering disc, and furrow openers. Potatoes are placed in the disc from a hopper, then the disc is rotated via a gear drive mechanism. On top of the above, the potato barrel planter can also be one row potato planter or multi-row.

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