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Transmission pulleys are typically found in automatic transmissions of cars and trucks. Pulleys change the speed at which fluid circulates through the transmission, effectively changing the gear ratio. There are two types of pulley flat power transmission belt: solid or fluid-filled. Solid transmission pulleys take the brunt of the power from the engine and send it to the other parts of the power train. Fluid-filled transmission pulleys don't do anything on their own but when the solid transmission pulley sends drive power around it, friction in fluid-filled transmission pulleys dissipates a third of that power making it a very useful feature.

We bring you all sorts of pulley systems, including small pulleys, winch pulleys, and heavy-duty pulleys. A fixed pulley is attached to the vehicle's driveshaft and has a fixed connection to the transmission. Compound pulleys, on the other hand, do not attach directly to the driveshaft or transmission. It has its drive system separate from the motor. Lifting pulleys and movable pulleys can be regulated by changing their position concerning both the transmission and driveshaft.

V-belt pulleys are used as a support pulley with rubber belts across two or more shafts. The V-belt pulley is a specially designed pulley used with V-belts. The teeth on these pulleys are angled at 14.5 degrees allowing the belt to follow the curve of the pulley smoothly. S-belt pulleys consist of a single sheave wheel, which is the wheel without the grooves. Without these types of pulleys, proper transmission operation would be impossible. Find more wholesale pulley flat power transmission belt at preferential bulk rates.