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White PVC boards are the second most widely used plastic after polyethylene. PVC trim boards are a popular and much sought-after product. Vinyl trim board has thus become one of the most essential materials in the field of construction, as it provides a means of simple and cheap building for areas that need a relatively flexible and long-lasting material.

What can PVC board sheet be used for?

Plastic trim board is used according to its quality. However different types are used for different purposes. Colored PVC trim boards can be used to cover joints as molding pieces. between different surfaces and materials. Black PVC trim board or other colors are useful for the casings around PVC window sill and doors and base moldings at the bottom of walls.

There are also flexible PVC planks which have a shiny appearance and are mainly used in the creation of certain types of ceilings or floor coverings, as well as PVC in the form of plasticized films which are used to make packaging.

The advantages of plastic wall boards

PVC board owes its great success to its countless advantages. Technical and technological developments have effectively improved the qualities of this material. Resistant to flames, the wear and tear of time, and bad weather, it is also rot-proof and resistant to changes in climate and temperature.

PVC market profitability

The potential profit margins are also brilliant with PVC revenue worth about US$ 78.90 billion in 2021 and with projected returns of US$ 101.45 billion by 2028. Also, the PVC market is set to gain a CAGR of nearly 5.6% in 2022-2028. This material is light, malleable and 100% recyclable. It has a good insulation capacity, which is why it is appreciated in the field of carpentry. And above all, PVC is very affordable compared to other materials used in construction like aluminum or wood.

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