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A raw black diamond is a great choice for you if you wish to add a distinctive style statement to your personality. Embrace the precious and unconventional look of raw black diamond rings for any occasion. The sparkly timeless raw carbonado diamond will be your lifelong asset. Buyers can find a variety of raw black diamonds for sale on

What is a Raw Black Diamond?

In the world of natural diamonds, rough carbonado diamond is one of the hardest forms. It is also called raw black diamond. These raw uncut black diamonds are the impure, highly dense, and fine-pored form of polycrystalline diamond. It is believed that Carbonado's distribution today may be due to a diamond meteorite striking Earth at that moment. So, a rough black diamond with a cosmic origin is also called a meteorite raw black diamond. Raw black diamond engagement rings are becoming very popular today due to their dramatic and unique appearance. Also, there is a belief that a black diamond can be used for protection against negative energy and it is a symbol of courage and justice.

Features of Raw Black Diamond

A raw black diamond stone is highly shiny which is responsible for its metallic appearance. It contains more graphite than white diamonds. That is why they are black. Another interesting feature of raw black diamonds is that no matter how shiny it is you will find a few scratches on them. One way to ensure the authenticity of this precious black stone is to check whether it reflects nicely under the white light. One can even drop the stone in a glass of water to see if it sinks to the bottom. If it does, then you have the real black diamond.

Buy a raw black diamond stone to make any jewelry pieces like earrings, rings, necklaces, etc. The raw black diamonds price is affordable on