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Rj45 cable

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About rj45 cable

What is rj45 cable?

rj45 cable is a high-quality network cable made of materials that has the advantages of high speed, stability, and durability. Its connector section uses rj45 cable connectors, which can be compatible with most modern devices, such as computers, routers, switches, network cameras, and so on. When using the rj45 cable tester, people can have a more stable and fast network connection. It can support a transmission rate of up to 1Gbps, allowing people to have a smoother experience in downloading, uploading, watching videos online, playing online games, and more. At the same time, its stability is also higher, which can effectively avoid network interruptions or delays caused by unstable signals.

How to make an rj45 cable?

The rj45 cable also has good durability and is made of materials. After multiple tests, it can still maintain stable performance after long-term use. Its outer cover material is also made of special PVC material, which is waterproof, heat-resistant, and can be used in various harsh environments. The use of the ri45 cable color code is very simple. Plug one end into the device and the other end into a router or switch to connect to the network easily. Moreover, due to its high popularity, people can easily find it no matter where people are.

What is RJ45 plug?

The RJ45 plug, also known as the RJ45 Modular Plug, is used for terminating data rj45 cable order and connecting and changing equipment and distribution frame modules. Good conductivity is required for RJ45 crystal heads; The gold plating thickness of the contact triple spring is 50 μ m. Meet Class 5 transmission standards and comply with T568A and T568B line sequences; It has functions such as preventing loosening, plugging, and self-locking.

The RJ45 plug is a standard connector in copper cabling, which, together with the socket (RJ45 module), forms a complete connector unit. The connector composed of these two components is connected between the wires to achieve electrical continuity of the wires. It is also a component of the integrated wiring technology finished jumper, and the RJ45 crystal head is usually connected to both ends of the twisted pair USB to RJ45 cable. In standardized integrated wiring design and installation, this accessory product is usually not listed separately, which means that users are not encouraged to complete the connection work between the twisted pair and RJ45 plugs themselves. If people want a fast, stable, and durable network connection, then the rj45 cable tester is a very good choice.