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The process doesn't use pressure to form the part, so the mould itself needs only to have enough strength to support itself. The area where the pieces of the mould connect to each other is known as the parting line and it can include a complex curvature. The parting line is vital because the mould sections must remain tightly clamped together during the heating and cooling of the part.

The bottle cap making by this type of machine will be without Injection gate and have excellent quality and beautiful appearance. Compared with injection molding machine system of traditional craft have same energy consumption, the production can be growth to three or four times. Development to the success of the cap compression molding machine is making a breakthrough and innovation in the molding equipment.

Floor Size Operating platform Biggest tank made L(m) W(m) H1(m) H2(m) 3A-1000 4.8 3.6 1.5 1.5 N 100L 3A-1600 7.6 7 3 2.8 N 750L 3A-2000 10 8 3.8 3.5 N 1000L 3A-2500 13.5 9 4.5 4 Y 2500L 3A-3000 16 10.5 5 4.5 Y 4500L 3A-3500 17.5 11.5 5.5 5 Y 7000L 3A-4000 19.5 13.5 6 5.5 Y 10000L 3A-4500 21.5 15.5 6.5 6 Y 14000L Model No. Floor Size Operating platform Biggest tank made L(m) W(m) H1(m) H2(m) 4A-2000 11 8.5 3.8 3.5 N 1000L 4A-2500 14 9.5 4.5 4 Y 25000L 4A-3000 16.5 11 5 4.5 Y 4500L 4A-3500 18 13 5.5 5 Y 7000L 4A-4000 20 15 6 5.5 Y 10000L 4A-4500 22 17 6.5 6 Y 14000L Detailed Images Exhibition Q:What about your machinery9 A:Seeing is believing. Q:What about the price9 A:Our price is based on reasonable Q:What about after service9 A:We can offer 18months warrant since the machinery arrived at your factory except for durable parts.

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