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        Q: Is it ok to leave pre-cooked packaged shrimp?
A: As longer as it is thoroughly heated it 's going to be fine to eat . 

Q: How many points is shrimp cocktail?
A: Shrimp cocktail 're not cooked , although the shrimps will be par boiled and sanitized before you add your sauce 

Q: Does Aquarium Salt Harm Ghost Shrimp?
A: You can have 2-3 shrimp in with your betta in a 5 gallon , although they are able become a meal at some point , relying on their sized and the betta 's temperment .   I do n't do kits myself because I 've frequently found the contentss to be either lacking necessities ( like a heater ) or include items that are n't huge qulaity ( Whisper filters ) .   A ten gallon filter ( If tank does n't come with one ) : if you 're n't cycling the tank there were no biologic reason to have a filter , however , if you 're I 'd get one for that sized tank , since the other is corrects , bettas do n't do well with a current . ( Though you are able tie part of a pair of untied pantyhose to the intake tubing ( the part that goes in the water and sucks stuff up ) to cut down on the pull . )  A heater : for a 5 gallon you want a 50 watts , submersible are bestest  Thermometer : submersible , not the stick-on kind since it 's untrustworthy  Gravel  plants and hiding spots : do the pantyhose test : run a pair of pantyhose along the plants/decor you are adding . If it snags file the end down since it will also snag your betta 's fins . As a rule of thumb , plastic plants are a no for this reason .  tank hood w/ light  water conditioner : AquaClear ( PetSmart , Walmart ) and Novaquel and Prime employed together ( PetSmart ) are good water conditioners that remove chlorine , chloramines and heavy metals .   A betta 's stomach is only the sized of the eye so 2-3 pieces/day/betta is all he should get . Also , 's supports ward off digestion issuing to feed for six days , fast for 1 . Live or frozen food ( @ PetSmart/PetCo , in general $ 4-5/bubble packing of frozen ) 's the best-it is more nutrient , and they digest it better . Flakes , pellets and lyophilized food has a lot of filler than bettas ca n't digest and can result in bloating in sensitive or old bettas , and allegedly do n't taste as good as the other foods . If you do feed pellets make convinced you soak them in water before feeding ; otherwise , they will expand once during touch with fluid in his stomach and can result in digestive issuing .   Also , verify Craiglist , backpage.com , freecycle or on-line fish forums for cheap or giveaway items for the equipment you need or even the tanks themselves .   And a sincere thanks you for doing research before getting your new pets .