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Clothing and accessory retailers looking to replenish skull scarf stock levels for less would find it hard to discover a better range of wholesale options than those which are listed at Alibaba.com. A simple square of fabric that can be used to tie hair or around the neck, it is both a practical solution and a stylish statement in one. Essential for clothes retailers, this classic accessory is the height of contemporary style and is today popular with men, women and children.

A true heritage fashion accessory, the simple square shaped neck-scarf has long been used in a similar way to the kerchief. A simple square of fabric that can be worn in myriad ways, it's no surprise that it has been favoured over the years by farmers, sailors and cowboys. Today it is part of the unofficial uniform of many counter-cultures and street fashion modes notably amongst bikers and music fans. The traditional red and white paisley design is still in high demand, although modern options are available in a wide range of other colors, patterns and prints, namely striped, dotted and block color options. Traditionally made from cambric cotton today you can buy a skull scarf in silk, cotton or polyester. You can also buy classic square, ready tied and elastic variants.

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