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There are many things that modern civilization cannot live without, such as coal, oil, and concrete. Other items can be added to this list, but it can be argued that the steel coil should not only be included but should also be one of the higher-ranking items on the list. Pipes, consumer goods, and even cars are all made from different types of steel coil. Without it, certain goods will be much more expensive or downright unavailable.

What are the different types of steel coils?

Steel coils are available in different types depending on the application. Generally, thicker and higher-quality steel coils cost more but last longer. Some examples of these products are stainless steel coil tubing and metal coils such as galvanized steel coils, hot-rolled coils, and cold-rolled steel coils. Steel tubing is used as a fluid conduit for applications such as refrigeration, heating, and fuel lines. On the other hand, sheet steel coils such as sheet metal slitting are the material of choice for enclosed spaces such as buildings or building structures such as car chassis. They can further be divided into two types: hot-rolled steel coils and cold-rolled coils. The former is manufactured by imparting a temperature onto steel that is above the material’s recrystallization temperature while shaping it into the final product. On the other hand, the latter utilizes temperatures that are below the material’s recrystallization temperature. Hot-rolled steel results in lower-cost material that is suitable for construction materials and agricultural equipment. Cold-rolled steel is the preferred material for high-performance applications such as drivetrain shafts and aerospace structures.

What are the different sizes and gauges of steel coils?

Bigger or thicker is not always better. As with most other things, the most appropriate steel gauge depends on the application. 0.08mm stainless steel coil and 5 stainless steel coil might do for applications such as door frames, while 4.25 steel coils are needed for structural applications such as I-beams for houses and buildings. Clients can also take advantage of pre-processed steel coils, such as galvalume steel coils and prepainted steel coils.

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