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Sublimation glass blanks

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About sublimation glass blanks

Sublimation printing, a popular method of printing, uses pressure and heat to transfer a pattern from sublimation paper to a piece of cloth or material (between 350-400 degrees Celsius). Changing the solid particles of the ink into a gaseous state is an easy and cost-effective way of adding personalization to products that are used by both companies and people at home. Drinking glasses are an important part of kitchenware, which could be used to hold liquids and other beverages. Plus, glassware is a great way to add a little touch of class to the home without going overboard cost-wise. Now, many people choose sublimation glass blanks to create special clear drinking glasses according to personal preferences.

Why do people choose sublimation glass blanks?

While some metal and plastic bottles could make the water taste funny, sublimation glass bottles could ensure that every sip tastes just like crisp water. Furthermore, sublimation glass water bottles are better for the environment than disposable plastic ones, as they're reusable and chemical-free. What's more, although sublimation bottle blanks are much more fragile than plastic and metal ones, there is also the sublimation drinking glass with a protective sleeve made from silicone or other padded material that can protect the sublimation glassware from accidental breaking.

Are lids necessary for sublimation glass blanks?

Most sublimation water bottles come with a simple twisting lid that can be opened with a turning motion or vice versa. And all those opening and closing actions are maintained through a plastic or thick-woven cotton/polyester compound cord. For users who want quicker access to water with their sublimation glasses, then a flip-top or tumbler lid is the answer. Flip-top caps reveal the drinking spout when flipping the piece of the lid on top. Tumbler lids come with a straw that fits through the lid. Sometimes, a simple act of drinking water could slip right through people's minds with a stressful day ahead. These glass bottles could make a great reminder.