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Tower garden

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About tower garden

A tower garden is a vertical plant growing system that uses aeroponics or hydroponics to grow plants. Both growing methodologies do not involve the use of soil to grow plants.

Benefits of a tower garden

A tower garden growing system is an alternative to traditional gardening methods, especially for those who want to set up a garden or a small- to medium-sized farm in an urban dwelling. This gardening solution can help in cultivating plants or vegetables despite the lack of space and soil availability. The hydroponic garden tower cultivates plants with their roots dipped in nutrient-rich water, while the aeroponic tower garden suspends plants while its exposed dangling roots and lower stem are sprayed periodically with water treated with nutrients.

How to set up a tower garden?

Each tower planter is modular, and the number of plants or vegetables that can be accommodated by a tower depends on its size, height, and type. For regular crops, a vertical tower garden that is 1.4 meters tall can grow approximately 20 plants, but a tower height of 2.9 meters can grow up to 52 plants. For microgreens, a 1.4-meter tower garden can grow up to 80 plants, while a 2.9-meter tower can have around 208 plants. When planned properly, having multiple vertical hydroponics or aeroponic tower gardens located in a small room, a small greenhouse, or on a rooftop can create a mini urban farm that can produce a good harvest of vegetables or fruits, such as a strawberry tower planter. Urban agriculturists and plant hobbyists can benefit directly from consuming or selling their crops. Whether the chosen growing method is hydroponics or aeroponics, the plant-growing tower system provides the right opportunity for a sustainable tower garden project to flourish right within the confines of one's residence without the need to dig up or buy garden soil.