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Crystals were first popular in the West in the 1970s, and now, once again wholesale crystals have become a major popularity especially over social media. The hashtag "crystals" has over 9 billion views. One reason why they have become very trendy is because they have a variety of benefits. Another reason is, there are a wide range of different types of crystals, each one having different properties. Bulk crystals wholesale, bulk crystals, and wholesale crystals and stones are available from under $4 up to over $40 from wholesalers on Alibaba.com.

Wholesale suppliers offer a wide range of natural, stunning and magical bulk gemstones, bulk buy crystals, raw crystals wholesale, wholesale crystal jewelry, wholesale tumbled stones, wholesale healing crystals, and more. Theses crystals are ideal for therapists who heal their clients by holding or placing crystals on their bodies to improve healing. They are also collected and studied by geologists. Choose these bulk rose quartz, tumbled stones bulk, and bulk geodes for those customers who are looking for a new spiritually awakening, or even some new decor for their homes!

What is a crystal and how is it formed?

Crystals are built of atoms in which the crystal’s shape results from a repeating pattern of molecules arranging themselves in a specific way. They are formed in the natural environment, when molecules gather to stabilize, when liquid starts to cool and harden. This is called crystallization it can happen when magma hardens or even when water evaporates from a natural mixture.

What benefits do crystals hold?

Crystals have many interesting facts and benefits. Some of them are: Crystals can benefit physical, emotional and spiritual healing. Crystals Can Affect Your Health in Various Ways. Crystals are frequently used in medicine and electronics. Crystals color is extremely important. Cleaning crystals is as essential as wearing them. Crystals are living elements. Some crystals relieve stress, while others improve concentration and/or creativity. Some crystals have dormant life.

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