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Yellow moissanite

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About yellow moissanite

Yellow moissanite is a naturally occurring mineral called silicon carbide. Yellow moissanite rings have become an affordable alternative to diamond rings because they look remarkably similar to diamonds and with optical and physical properties similar to that of a natural diamond.

How could yellow moissanite be an alternative to diamond?

Yellow moissanite stones don't fall far behind diamonds when employed for diamond engagement rings. Because of its durability, a yellow-gold moissanite ring is nearly as hard and unbreakable as a diamond ring. That's because moissanite is the second hardest to diamonds on the Mohs hardness scale. Besides that, yellow moissanite stones have more fire and brilliance than any other gemstone. That means a yellow-gold moissanite engagement ring may have more sparkle than a diamond ring. Also, there are more intricate patterns in the stone that allow them to have more rainbow-like colors. Moreover, the biggest advantage of moissanite over diamonds is the price.

Which yellow moissanite cut sparkles the most?

A canary yellow moissanite ring may have multiple cutting styles, namely round, oval heart, triangle cuts and so on. Among them, the brilliant round shape would certainly be excellent for maximum sparkle. Round-cut moissanite stones have 58 aspects, skillfully and also precisely put to mirror the maximum amount of light. Interestingly, a round cut can make your yellow-gold moissanite ring appear larger than it really is. The dimension of round moissanite looks larger because the round cut is not as deep, so the majority of the weight is shown in its dimension look.

What to look for in a yellow moissanite ring

There are different grades of moissanite yellow gold on the market. When selecting canary moissanite rings, attention needs to be paid to flawless or very slightly flawed yellow moissanite stones to get considerable fire and brilliance. Carats pair well with a yellow moissanite stone. As moissanite weighs less than a diamond, moissanite will be described using "diamond equivalent weight" or DEW, so people would understand how it compares. Generally speaking, a 14k yellow-gold moissanite ring would be a good choice.