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Allen Hex Key Long Bit Socket

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Whether you are a plumber, a carpenter, a mechanic, or a professional in any other field, using one of our collections of wholesale allen hex key long bit socket, is very important to tighten or loosen anything to get the work done smoothly as well as saving time. Commonly referred to as the open-end ratchet wrench because of its unbraced head design with the spanner wrench are very useful when dealing with square or hex head bolts and screws. It has two different openings. One is similar to the normal allen hex key long bit socket and the second is a closed ring.

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Trust Online Reviews about allen hex key long bit socket


2021-03-28 18:54:40


We need customize logo put on wrenches, they give me design drawings in only one day, and it is perfect. It is very pleasant to work with them and I can get my answers back very quickly. Arrived today and put to use straight away. These wrenches are very heavy duty and tough!!  This wrench got the job done with ease! I just fit the jaw (which features up to 25% wider than others) on the bolt and it tightened it in seconds with very little pressure having to be applied. Very useful better then I expected. Sturdy and strong couple of tools. Recommended


2021-06-02 20:48:30


Over the years I got rid of my box wrenches and just used socket wrenches until I had a need for a box wrench and bought this set based on other reviews. The case is great and holds the wrenches by size and the fir and finish of the wrenches is superb. If I had to pick an improvement I would say that make the size markings more legible but that is it. Could not be happier with the set.


2021-03-28 19:20:55


This wrench got the job done with ease! I just fit the jaw (which features up to 25% wider than others) on the bolt and it tightened it in seconds with very little pressure having to be applied.


2021-05-19 19:34:02


The quality is excellent. The seller is great. Had to chat due to transportation, communication is excellent excluding due to time difference. Important goods arrived to the goal!


2021-01-25 00:10:23


Our freight forwarders have shipping problems during extraordinary times. IVY actively provides solutions. Thank you for your professional team.


2021-10-26 20:35:33


I had not a challenge with this supplier. It's been my second time of doing business with him and I will always recommend them.


2021-07-20 12:04:26


Very good quality, fast, and very helpful. I will continue to use Dongguan Guxiang Metalwork for all my needs


2021-11-01 19:53:04


very easy to use ,good accuracy ,safety package,fast shipping ,reliable


2021-05-31 00:30:44


Really nice product - high Quality - be impressed.

About products and suppliers:

Handy, safe and easy are what distinguishes us in our wholesale allen hex key long bit socket .The adjustable wrench has an opening that fits the head of the nut or screw. It has the advantage of being a valid replacement for most of the flat keys. It looks quite practical. However, this wrench set is more suitable for square-headed screws or nuts.

The six (6) angles of the hexagon of a screw or a nut always seem difficult and tiring to handle with normal tools, our featured allen hex key long bit socket has brought the pipe wrench just to take care of that, it's called pipe due to its pipe-like shape, with mentioning also the allen wrench, which is an advanced form of the pipe wrench. It can only be used for screws with a hexagon stamped in the upper part of the screw. Screws of this type can perfectly well be headless.

Each mechanical work aim to obtain a reliable and quality result, so it's indispensable to have a precision tool, here comes the torque wrench, which allows to control and adjust the tightening of bolts, screws, and nuts of different vehicles without forgetting the new technology included in these allen hex key long bit socket , the digital torque wrench which gives even more precision with its LCD display.

In the field of mechanics, the use of the impact wrench, is a necessity that the mechanic or the garage owner cannot do without. This tool is useful for bolting, but also for unscrewing nuts and screws. It is mainly characterized by three main elements: the energy supply, the number of impacts, and the torque provided. Also, we can find many types of this wrench, for example, the cordless impact wrench where a battery is integrated inside.